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Airbrush Brows Starter Set Mrs.Highbrow - Basic
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Airbrush Brows Starter Set Mrs.Highbrow - Basic

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Dieses Starterpaket für Airbrush -Brauen besteht aus 4x Mrs.HighBrow Powerstain Shades, Airbrush -Aufklebern und dem Airbrush Activator (Entwickler).

Dieser Satz enthält:

  • Mrs.HighBrow Powerstain Desert Sand
  • Mrs.HighBrow Powerstain Muddy Mocha
  • Mrs.HighBrow Powerstain Kaffeebohne
  • Mrs.HighBrow Powerstain Velvet Noir
  • Mrs.HighBrow Airbrush Activator
  • Airbrush -Aufkleber
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This starter package for Airbrush Brows consists of 4x Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain shades, Airbrush Stickers and the Airbrush Activator (Developer).

This set contains:

  • Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain Desert Sand
  • Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain Muddy Mocha
  • Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain Coffee Bean
  • Mrs.Highbrow Powerstain Velvet Noir
  • Mrs.Highbrow Airbrush Activator
  • Airbrush stickers

The mrs.Highbrow Powerstain shades are suitable for airbrush brows.

Powerstain shades:

  • Desert Sand: Lively Light Brown. Powerstain Desert Sand is a nice light brown shade. Especially for blond customers and/or women with very light skin, and for anyone who does not want the brows too dark. 

  • Muddy Mocha: Nice medium brown. Powerstain Muddy Mocha is a beautiful natural brown tint. Not too hot, but certainly not too cool.

  • Coffee Bean: Intensely dark brown. PowerStain Coffee Bean is a dark brown tint, for ladies and gentlemen with dark to black hair and a (light) tinted skin. 

  • Velvet Noir: Almost Black. Velvet Noir is an almost black color, especially for dark skin. Eyebrow hairs that are already black are of course not darker with it, but it does ensure a clear print on the skin. 

• 15 ml. for approx. 60 treatments
• Suitable for airbrush brows
• Training time 5-10 minutes ready
• Mix with Mrs.Highbrow Airbrush Activator

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