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Lifting Cream Step 1 ~ Lash Elevation
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Lifting Cream Step 1 ~ Lash Elevation

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Der erste Schritt im Hebeprozess. Für optisch längere, natürliche Wimpern. Mrs.HighBrow Lash Lift Cream hat eine kurze Trainingszeit und befindet sich in einer Hygiene -Pumpenflasche.

Mit Mrs.HighBrow Curl Curl und heben Sie die Wimpern an, wodurch sie viel länger aussehen. Aufgrund der kurzen Trainingszeit sind Sie in 45 Minuten bereit.

  • Für den professionellen Gebrauch
  • 5-8 Minuten Genusszeit pro Creme
  • Ca. 15 Behandlungen

The first step in the lifting process. For optically longer, natural eyelashes. Mrs.Highbrow Lash Lift Cream has a short training time and is in a hygienic pump bottle. 

With mrs.highbrow lash elevation curl and lift the eyelashes, making them look much longer. Due to the short training time you are ready in 45 minutes.

  • For professional use
  • 5-8 minutes indulgence time per cream
  • Ca. 15 treatments

The result of the Lash Lift depends on the natural eyelashes. With very short or stiff eyelashes, the result will be less visible, or the treatment is even not recommended.

A Lash Lift is not a replacement for mascara, because it does not make the eyelashes thicker. Advise your customers to use mascara for an extra wow effect. Mascara can be used from 24 hours after treatment.

Inactive times Lash Lift Lotions:

Step 1 

- Fine eyelashes 5 min.

- Normal eyelashes 6-7 min.

- Stiff eyelashes 8 min. 

    Step by step the most beautiful Lash Lift

    Clean the area around the eyes with an oil-free product to remove dirt and make-up residues. Let the customer open their eyes and look at you. Bring Eyepads Immediately on top of the lower eyelashes and ask the customer to close the eyes once they have been placed comfortably. Apply the adhesive to the back of the Silicone Shield. Place the shield as close as possible to the roots on the eyelid. Carefully lift the eyebrow when placing the elevator Shields to guarantee good adhesion. Apply the glue in small parts to the top of the Lash Shield. Take the Lash Lift Tool Carefully the eyelashes firmly on the shield. Do this eyelash for eyelash. Check from the front whether it is done as symmetrical as possible in both eyes.

    Bring step 1 lifting cream With a clean micro brush. Apply the cream from the root to 2/3 of the eyelash. Have it withdrawn (see training time). Once the training time has expired, remove the lifting cream with a cotton swab in upward movements. Wipe it too much to a tissue.

    Bring Step 2 Setting Cream On with a clean micro brush from the carrot to 2/3 of the eyelash. Have it withdrawn (see training time). After the time has passed, remove it with a cotton swab in upward movements and wipe the excess of a tissue. Use a cotton swab in small circular movements to loosen the eyelashes from the elevator Shields. Remove the Lash Lift Shields.

    Paint the eyelashes if necessary. Leave in for a maximum of 6 minutes. Because the eyelashes have just been treated, the paint works faster. Carefully brush the eyelashes with a disposable pool.

    Bring Step 3 Conditioning Oil On the full length of the eyelashes. Leave for 60 seconds. Wipe from carrot to point with two cotton swabs to remove excess product, including glue that has been left on the eyelashes.

    Remove the eyepads.

    The right aftercare

    Give your customer good aftercare advice for optimum results after the Lash Lift treatment.

    • The first 24 hours after the treatment, the eyelashes must be treated with care: avoid steam baths and saunas during this time, avoid excess water on the eyelashes and do not use mascara.
    • After 24 hours, the customer can treat her eyelashes as she would normally do.
    • If irritation occurs, the customer must return to the salon or obtain medical advice.
    • Advise not to use Waterproof Mascara as long as the customer enjoys the Lash Lift.
    • The treatment can be repeated every 6-8 weeks, depending on the natural eyelash cycle.

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