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Medium Brown ~ Hybrid Liquid Tint
Medium Brown ~ Hybrid Liquid Tint
Medium Brown ~ Hybrid Liquid Tint

Medium Brown ~ Hybrid Liquid Tint

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BrowTycoon Hybrid Flüssigkeit Tint Medium Braun. Sie können diese hybride Augenbrauenfarbe für Airbrush -Brauen verwenden. Mit dem Airbrush (separat erhältlich) und flüssigem Entwickler können Sie Airbrush -Augenbrauen einstellen. Die erforderlichen Airbrush -Aufkleber sind ebenfalls separat erhältlich.

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BrowTycoon Hybrid Liquid Tint Medium Brown. You can use this hybrid eyebrow paint for airbrush brows.

The innovative and user-friendly formula offers exceptional quality and long-term results, a must-have for eyebrow stylists who are looking for strong and expressive eyebrows. 

We recommend the use of the liquid shade for advanced stylists, because it quickly stains on the skin.

The Browtycoon With correct application for up to 10 days, Hybrid Liquid Tint gives results on the skin and stays in the hair for up to 6 weeks. 

Content: 15ml

With the airbrush (available separately) and Liquid Developer you can put airbrush eyebrows. The required airbrush stickers are also available separately.


  • Ensure good skin preparation; Scrub, shampoo, primer.
  • Apply the shade in 3 thin layers and make sure you stamp it in the skin for an expressive look.
  • Leave the hue on the eyebrows for 7 to 15 minutes.

You can decide for yourself how intense you want the shade based on the training time.
NB! The shade still colors after removing. 


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